First Travel Italy

First Travel Italy is a company focused on passengers transportation to and from any destination in Italy and abroad. First Travel Italy will assist its customers to make sure everything is fine, just like you would do it!

Our “core business” is to identify every single need of our customer. This is possible because we have:
- Highly specialized personnel who analyzes every request
- Employees and drivers who provide the best service according to our customers’ needs
- Continuous monitoring and control

With First Travel Italy you can have the service you want when you actually need it, this is what a transportation and logistics company does. A team of specialized and professional people will take care of every single detail of your reservations with a complete logistic support.

Under the brand “First Travel Italy” there are three different divisions which satisfy the needs of specific areas such as: First-class for Business Travel, First-Event for M.I.C.E, and First-Experience for Leisure. Our care and high-quality assistance are the foundation of these areas.

Because the care of every detail makes the difference.

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Deluxe Coach 27 seats

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Deluxe Coach 50 seats

Noleggio con conducente Italia

Why choose our company?

Dedication and commitment are key words in our personal and professional experience. Our strength is our continuous effort to meet our customers’ needs while respecting the environment and reducing carbon footprint. Our fleet is regularly monitored to minimize technical failures. Our staff is highly qualified and trained to be ready and efficient for our customers. As a tailor makes customized clothes, so we adjust our services to the specific requests of our customers. We want to guarantee the ideal solutions for them in the best way and as quickly as possible, either for a private customer and for a company. Simple and intuitive procedures are offered to our customers and it is possible to book directly online using PayPal or credit cards.

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